Thank you to all the DIY enthusiasts who have found the time to keep me informed about the evolution of their work, for their photos and their testimonials which reveal the potential and the accessibility of the concept, as well as the number of pools which have been built in France and even abroad …..

Corrector of the ebook

" Having seen Mr. Liaigre's pool, I am simply admirative of the quality of the work carried out and the detail given. This system is 100 % reliable for a price which defies all competition, even if you must roll up your sleeves.
The esthetics of the final result can not be denied as the pool fits perfectly into its environment.

Report on France 5, magazine "C notre affaire" of 23 June 2010


« Work started at the september-end 2016

It took over 3 little weeks to dig with the backhoe, shape, buil and floor the geomembran that I left without filled of the winter.
During this time I took the opportunity to transform the tallu with a low wall, and the massif around the pool, terrace in the tree, etc, I precise that I didn't work all the winter...
In April the filling, and the finitions of the edge, low wall in stone of the pool, grass, hut, and the 15 may bathing into 24 degrees water.


« After "several" hours of work, the hole is at last finished ! I will send you more photos once we have filled it.  After fitting the geomembrane, only the decking will need to be done and there will be one more « pondpool » !
Thank you for your encouragement, your pool was there to show me that it could be done ! See you soon. »


« The testimonial of a shared pleasure, the joy of a happy family around this pool, a book which has all the information needed and is easy to follow for the construction of the on-ground pool. And there we are, we can't do without it.
With a minimal cost of 2500 Euros without the decking and a certain facility of implementation, we are already thinking about future modifications.
Thank you for sharing the idea and for your availability. »


Hello Daniel,

« There you are, another pond is born after five months of conversation between us. Thank you for your great idea. You deserve thanks. This procedure is revolutionary and without excessive cost. For mine 4700 Euros for a 5x9 pool. It's certain that it is contemporary, more standard like Nicolas' pool.
The principle is simple to do. It's true a minimum of technique and knowledge is needed.


« That's it ! The 10th May 2014, the pool is being dug out !

After months of research, I hadn't found any solution which was completely satisfactory in terms of value for money and price / quality ratio amongst all the proposals made by the professionals, large companies or craftsmen ; I was convinced that to create a «simple water hole filtered by a pump » (my definition of a pool), It was not necessary to spend 20 or 30 000 Euros… and to end up with all the different problems that owners have whatever procedure they choose (In the Toulouse area there are any number of them !) ; I know, my definition may appear simplistic, but let's agree that the specifications for the pool are ridiculously low compared to those of a car that costs the same amount of money  !


The 24/04/2016

Hi Daniel,
I'm glad to have discovered your website which allowed me to build my own swimming pool on a low budget ; that would have been impossible for me through the networks of classic piscinist.
It is after buying your book, in July 2015, that I had decided to start building my pool.
Its size is 6m x 3,5, including a step shaped in L, and a space with a depth of 40cm for the children, and finally the remainder being at a water depth of 1,40 m.

Jessica et Anthony

« After 1 year our little corner of paradise is finished.
The beginning of the work was complicated, we came across an underground stream, inspite of that we carried on but with some doubts.
15 jours went by between the two photos, that's a short time for the building of a pool ! Especially of that size (12 x 7 m).


For me everything went well,  8 by 4 metre pool, with a depth from 40cm to 1m70, a light coating on the sides to make it smooth, sad at the bottom.
A total cost of 3700 Euros for the pool and the wooden decking, the savings are about 300%...
About 12 days of work, working 8 hours a day.»


« The adventure began for us at the beginning of the year, we decided to build a pool so that the family could make the most of the water this summer, but after several quotes going from 11400€ to more than 25000€ for the most expensive, the project seemed to be going nowhere as the house is undergoing renovation works.

Séverine et Vincent

« Well Mr LIAIGRE, we've done it !!!  The pool has water in it since today.
And... how can I tell you?  I can't even explain what we are feeling. : A mixture of pride, excitement, relief, beatitude in front of what has been accomplished.
We still have a lot of work to do for the layout but we are savouring this moment like we would a great victory. 



« Thank you to Daniel who allowed us to construct our on-earth pool. A huge pleasure at a small price !!! ...Unlimited bathing.   Thanks again...»


Ludo Vendée

« Hello Daniel, Being busy with renovation works which started over a year and a half ago, I do not have the means to be able to build a traditional pool and however, I am a builder.
So I searched on the web and came across your web site. I understood that technically it was the alternative that I needed. So I bought your E-book to reassure myself about how to go about it and the book helped me a lot in fact it is indispensible for certain steps.


We planned to make build a pool and we hesited between a shell-shaped pool or a tiled pool we choosed the shell-shaped pool but it was 18000 euros for a simple shape, and we are not budgeting for that.
After few research on the internet, I found the Mister Liaigre's website, and thank's to him we have now our swimming pool for a cost of 6000 euros all-incluvise price, with jet-swim, heat pump, ph regulator, and all materials for the pool, terracement, concrete...


« My project was as follows, how to  incorporate a non-standard pool into our garden without having to spend a fortune. I came across your website where you showed your own DIY pool and Bingo ! So I launched into my project thanks to you.


Hi Daniel,

I have met you in 2002 at this moment you were start building your pool (Already several years ago ) and I immediatly though it was a wonderful project.
My job is in the building trade, and when you exposed your project of build an in ground pool for less than 2500€ to me I decided right after that when I will have my home I will build a pool like that. 


« After three months of work our pool is full of water – the family is so happy   !
Thanks to the speed of the construction we have been able to make the most of the pool all summer long!
The method described in Mr Liaigre's book allowed me to carry out my project, a 10x5m swimming pool with a minimum depth of 1m and maximum depth of 1,70m.


« We bought your book on internet at the end of May.
Since then we have built our 4mX8m swimming pool which is working perfectly after 51 days of work.
I wanted to thank you for your book because we had the same idea after making a Koï carp pond but we didn't know how to go about the technical part.
We thought there were only black PVC or EPDM membranes.
Your book is very detailed and it just needs to be followed step by step.
Your book helped us to save time and avoid making a lot of mistakes.»


« Hello, first of all, sorry for taking so long to answer. I received your last email but the days are just not long enough to do everything I want to do - in particular to answer your message. Of course you have my permission to use our photographs and our testimonials to add to your site. I have often looked at your web site and the testimonials and  photos encouraged me to go ahead with the project.  
So here are a few photos and some information that might incite somebody to get on with it.

Anne Courtois

« Well that's it, it's filled with water and we are doing the fitttings (homemade cement paving blocks and  inexpensive autoclave pine strips). No worries except for the Chinese stuff bought over the internet  (pump in particular) which we have replaced by better known material. The surroundings need finishing off.
We will make sure we mention your book when we have guests ( we do meals and B and B) and the pool really has a lot of success. 
Thank you for your help, the step by step following of the book has been essential. » 


« We had decided on an above ground octogonal pool which we would have put semi in-ground. The cost of a 6m x 4 m pool alone was 5000€ to which the cost of the concrete paving stones  (150€ / m3 delivered) + the cost of the decking etc had to be added.
Luckily I came across Daniel's internet site and it interested me straight away. From that moment on, we had to decide the shape and the size which is one of the big advantages of the concept : liberty and creativity.


« For the pool everything has gone well, we are finishing the decking and the fencing. With all our thanks. »


We began on the idea of a 5-metre by 6 pool. For the earthwork we decided to conserving the earth taken from our surrounding land (the evacuation multiplied the price by 3), and take advantage of this earth to correct the topography in our garden, to place the swimming pool in a green setting.


Good evening Daniel, some informations about the pool since our last text messages and
e-mail exchanges.
The swimming pool’s construction is complete, the impoundment done.
So I bought a second hand Leister, a heat gun and I welded the PVC geomembrane it’s difficult at te
beginning but I did it myself and finally I’m really glad wih the result.
It remains for me to start the électrolyse and the ph/metre process.



If you Remember we have exchanged some e-mail about my project to build a inground pool.
It was just a year ago, and now let me show you some pictures who tell us more than a big speech.
But after all, I have to take the time to tell you the realisation of the project in details later...
Have a good week, see you soon,

Kind regards


Hello Mr Liaigre, It’s done, my inground pool is finally finished, in my garden I didn’t give up and the result is here, many thank’s .


I’m really impressed about the concept, I think I gave the desire to use your concept to build an
inground pool of the people around me !
Total cost without the terraces is 4000 euros with 600 euros including of weld done by a professional.
I can’t stop smiling when I think about it...


Hello Daniel,

I come back to you to show you the final result of the pool ...
We took good advantage and I wanted to thank you for the construction guide and all the exchanges that we could have by email to answer my questions.
We had a "super first summer" last year.