The digital book (or e-book) sold on is a digital file containing an intellectual  work to be downloaded which is intended for reading on a screen.
Digital books as well as printed books are protected by French and International law about the rights of authors.  If there is no other licence mentioning conditions of use, the downloaded files are reserved for the excusive use of the purchaser. They can neither be resold, rented out, or passed on freely outside the family circle where they must be used for legitimate reasons and for private use. Any representation or reproduction of the files, in totality or partially, outside these terms, is strictly forbidden under article L122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Property, and would expose the holder of the files to legal action.

The customer can abandon the order right until validating the payment of the order.
Clicking on the « Pay » button on the Paypal interface is an electronic signature which attests to the customer's consent without any reserves, to the present general sales conditions.
Payment for purchases is done by bank card through the Paypal system. The transaction at the bank takes place at the time of the order.
As soon as the payment is validated, the order is confirmed and can not be cancelled or reimbursed.  A automatic Paypal receipt and bill is sent to you by email.

The delivery of files bought on the site is done by download.

Purchases of digital documents are firm and can not be abandoned. There is no right to any exchange, reimbursement and no right of withdrawal.
Once the email confirming the order has been received, the customer no longer has the possibility to cancel his order and the amount of his purchase will automatically be debited from his bank account even if he later decides not to download or to read the work.
The customer notes that the seven day withdrawal period mentioned in article L.121-20-20 of the Consumer Code can not be applied, once the order has been made by the sending of the confirmation email which is the equivalent of a final delivery of the product. can not be held responsible for any technical problems which are independent of its service like problems of internet connection due to Internet providers or problems linked to the customer's hardware or software.
If the customer does not receive a confirmation email and/or if he has problems using the file, he should inform as soon as possible using the  contact form  and giving his Paypal transaction number. 

This book is protected by registration with the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. You must not change it, copy it or use it for your own work. Any reproduction even partial, is forbidden.
Work submitted to legal deposit, under the Patrimony Code (article. L.131-2, L.132-2, L.132-2-1).