Hello Daniel,

« There you are, another pond is born after five months of conversation between us. Thank you for your great idea. You deserve thanks. This procedure is revolutionary and without excessive cost. For mine 4700 Euros for a 5x9 pool. It's certain that it is contemporary, more standard like Nicolas' pool.
The principle is simple to do. It's true a minimum of technique and knowledge is needed.

So work began on the 12th April. The earth moving was supposed to take three days and was extended to five because of the rain which had been continuous over the previous weeks.  Never mind, we were motivated.
The size if the pool is 5 X 9, with a depth of 70 cm over a length of 2 m at the beginning , then the pool descends with a  30 cm slope to 1 m and then from 1 m to 1,4 m at the bottom of the pool : A total of 45 m3 of water.
The water in the shallowest part heats rapidly  (Thank you for the explanations Nicolas). The pool was filled on the 4th July and on the  8th August, the temperature was 29°C.
About the slopes of the sides of the pool -  I increased the slope  (80°) because after the unending rain the walls had not moved, just a few falls of earth here and there but nothing important. Just on the deepest part on the side of the outlet nozzles did I use a more gentle slope  (60°).
Then wooden chassis (thanks Nicolas), placing of skimmers, shaping of the sides and fitting of chicken wire and protection with a layer of ciment, a rough trowelling and there you are, it looks more like a pool.
After laying the geotextile, I chose a  500g one, because of the depth I wasn't obliged to do so but better safe than sorry...
Laying of the geomembrane (Gasconature) and welding of all the angles and bumps.
On the more technical side, for the filtration I used quality equipment with  63 diametre piping because of the length, my pump is set up in my garage. Some of the pipes are more than 25 long. I have a salt electrolyzer and a PH regulator.

Well, I could go on for hours. All that to say thank you to yourself and to all the other « pond » builders that you have inspired. I am available if future « clients », (I don't like that word), need information.
If you are passing through my area one day, I would be happy to invite you to chat around a ….. and not a pond ».


Hi Daniel, How are you? Well I hope...
I am sending some photos with the last fittings that I mentioned, the shrubs planted and a photo of the pool which was emptied because I had a leak which was difficult to find and so I emptied it and followed my weldings. It turned out that the leak was on the lamp inner cable gland.
That's it for this year, no more spending for now and I must make the most of the pool too. »