« We had decided on an above ground octogonal pool which we would have put semi in-ground. The cost of a 6m x 4 m pool alone was 5000€ to which the cost of the concrete paving stones  (150€ / m3 delivered) + the cost of the decking etc had to be added.
Luckily I came across Daniel's internet site and it interested me straight away. From that moment on, we had to decide the shape and the size which is one of the big advantages of the concept : liberty and creativity.

Then, I bought Daniel's ebook with the aim of  having a guide to follow in order to avoid possible errors when building the pool. That really did seem necessary to me and reassured us before we launched into our project. 
The construction of the pool was labourious  because of the bad weather in May and June 2012 but after  205 hours of work and a sum of  4900€ including accessories and cleaning and maintenance products, the pool can be used. Please note that I chose a green grass colour membrane which is 1,5mm thick (which represents twice the thickness of the lining of a classic concrete pool).
I am still thinking about the possibilities for the decking and a mound at the side of the pool.»