Ludo Vendée

« Hello Daniel, Being busy with renovation works which started over a year and a half ago, I do not have the means to be able to build a traditional pool and however, I am a builder.
So I searched on the web and came across your web site. I understood that technically it was the alternative that I needed. So I bought your E-book to reassure myself about how to go about it and the book helped me a lot in fact it is indispensible for certain steps.

Thank you. You were able to answer my technical questions and you were available when I needed help. The total cost for me up to now for supplies has been 3500 Euros excluding final touches. There are a few creases despite the fact that I welded. The biggest creases are in fact useful because on cleaning they block the dirt. We have not yet sown the grass for the lawn.

Don't take anything away from the quality of the procedure, I began on the 6th August 2013, ordered the tarpaulin which arrived 12 days later and was swimming on the 23rd August. 120 hours of work on my own and then  4 people to place the 145 kilo membrane, depth 0 to 120 cm at the deepest point, the water temperature for the moment, without a pump, is an average of 23°. »