Hello Daniel,

Here is my contribution following the creation of a swimming pool on land, thanks to your book but also by your quick answers to each of my questions !

Work began on 08/16/2018 and ended on 05/17/2019. Most of the work I did alone except for : earthworks, installation of the liner and installation of copings (which I had cast in a template beforehand).
A lot of effort but what a pleasure at the end of this adventure to be able to say I did it !
I wanted a pool on a budget and in my shape of choice, I do not regret it, of course there are some visible folds but which will be attenuated in the next season, but in view of the price/pleasure ratio there is no photo.
The only time I have a problem is attaching the liner to the skimmers, but thanks to the ingenuity of a friend we were able to create a tailor-made piece to make up for my mistake, which was due to a miscalculation of earthworks, but overall it remains within the reach of any handyman !

Thank you again for everything Daniel !

Xavier (Belgium)