« My project was as follows, how to  incorporate a non-standard pool into our garden without having to spend a fortune. I came across your website where you showed your own DIY pool and Bingo ! So I launched into my project thanks to you.

My friends and acquaintances had a lot of questions but once the pool was finished they were convinced.
The children and the adults alike had a wonderful summer.
At its widest part, the pool is 6m wide by 12m long with a depth of 1.30 for a first pool and 45cm for the second.
The material : geomembrane + geotextile + filtration salts + 80m2 of decking in cedar strips on a douglas pine base with a total cost of  5000€.
Today we still need to do a small dry stone wall which will start in the water, a waterfall and pebbles and rocks. 
Once it is finished, I will send you more photos. Thanks again ! »
Regards Christophe

As a testimony and almost 15 years later, nothing has changed. I have a complementary photo if you wish to put it in the testimonials.
Thanks again, Christophe