Hi Daniel,

We managed to get the sand liner in March of this year.

And now we're just out of the week we had to finish smoothing the walls and especially to put the felt, the cover and the water.
It's been 3 days already that the pool is running well. It measures 3.5m by 5m. It has three big steps, the first one is a submerged beach. The bottom is in slope passing from 1m30 to 1m60 of depth.
The whole is only 14m3 which allowed us to install a heat pump at a lower cost. In 3 days our pool is at 24 degrees while it is only 21 outside.
We managed to meet the deadlines if we disregard the wait for the cover, the pool was well done over 2 weeks. It remains quite a lot of folds to be drawn, we will make the best, (and we will make perhaps as you in one year or two, to stick them on themselves if really that disturbs us), and it remains also the beaches to be made. I would stick to it on the WE to come, but at least we are sure to benefit from it this year !
Thank you again for your superb work, without which we would never have dreamed to have our own swimming pool.
I put you the photos in attachments.

Have a nice evening