The 24/04/2016

Hi Daniel,
I'm glad to have discovered your website which allowed me to build my own swimming pool on a low budget ; that would have been impossible for me through the networks of classic piscinist.
It is after buying your book, in July 2015, that I had decided to start building my pool.
Its size is 6m x 3,5, including a step shaped in L, and a space with a depth of 40cm for the children, and finally the remainder being at a water depth of 1,40 m.

I would have loved to make it bigger, with a more original shape. With great regret, however, my property prevented me to do so. In order to save money from the rented mini-excavator, I bravely dug with a shovel and a pick (there is nothing better than the tiller to help plowing the soil). It is better to use a mini-excavator to make a bigger hole, otherwise it can quickly become discouraging.
This project cost me a total of 3200€, by choosing a tarpulin with the size of 1,5m, and a felt liner Of 500g/m² , pump, filters and products included.
I said 3200€, which isn't totally true. In fact, it was 2300€ for the realisation of the pool, the geotextile felt liner, the pump and filter. On top of that the tarpulin was at 700€, and all that concerns the maintenance cost 200€ (cleaning products, landing net...). Therefore 3200 is the total investment cost (I could have saved 200€ by choosing a liner of 1mm and a felt of 300g/m²).
The outline of the pool and the wooden deck of 15m² cost me 1500€. The amount of time spent on it raises around two hundred hours, working during six months, yet the swimming pool was operational after only seven weeks (using a manual shovel, shall I recall!)

Now all I have to do is wait for the summer to dive in.
Thank you again for showing us the way and for all the testimonies which enhance the credibility and feasibility of the project.

Best regards