We began on the idea of a 5-metre by 6 pool. For the earthwork we decided to conserving the earth taken from our surrounding land (the evacuation multiplied the price by 3), and take advantage of this earth to correct the topography in our garden, to place the swimming pool in a green setting.

A concrete enthusiast helped me about the the wall construction, then I had some difficulties to contain his enthusiasm so we everything was covered except the bottom of the pool. The price was not significantly changed therefore if the necessary courage is there, we should do it.
About the filtration, I exceed my budget to buy an outboard filtration who cost me 2150 euros. Because the place I would put the technical room was higher than the swimming pool. I know there is some technical solutions, but in fact that give me an idea, of the outboard filtration. Ok it is a bit expensive but project has become much easier, no holes in the PVC geomembrane, no technical room, no trenches... And there is a swimming pool lighting integrated in the outboard filter.
Finaly the project taking 8 weekends, and no hard work day. For a total cost of 5000 euros with all the materials, to cleening, to covered in winter…
Many thanks to Daniel for his availability, reactivity, and quality advice. We couldn’t do it without him.

Bye see you soon for the further, Thank you again for your help