« After "several" hours of work, the hole is at last finished ! I will send you more photos once we have filled it.  After fitting the geomembrane, only the decking will need to be done and there will be one more « pondpool » !
Thank you for your encouragement, your pool was there to show me that it could be done ! See you soon. »

« I have finally decided to write these few lines to tell you, once again, how happy I am to have had the chance to « come across » your idea.  
I have completely finished the work after 281 hours of enjoyment. Our friends, who found it difficult to believe that this  "hole" would result in a swimming pool, are completely astounded !
Your construction manual allowed me to launch myself in works that I would never have done otherwise and without any real apprehension since the manual is well written and precise. The only thing missing is the part about getting rid of the earth which is taken out of the hole.
I will make sure I give good publicity about your work, AND my  swimming pool is there to show that it is possible  !  You can tell future "clients"  that it is really possible to make the shape that you want since mine is as square as yours is round.
Perhaps my modifications of your concept will mean it is possible to add extra information in a second edition of your manual.  
In short, I could write lines and lines, I have so much to say about the magic of your idea....
I have attached my latest photos. Show them to your internet users.

Best Wishes, Hervé »