Hello Daniel,

With winter approaching, I'm taking the time to send you a few photos that summarize our on-land pool construction site.

We were still able to enjoy our swimming pool this summer despite a very average summer, but the water never exceeded 24 degrees. In addition, I had a lot of trouble stabilizing my water, micro algae settled very quickly on the walls, and when we returned from vacation (15 days) the water was very green despite the filtration monitored by our neighbour. So I decided to change my filtration system to put in a big sand filter. We'll see when we restart if it's better, but it's likely that my water contains chemical residue from the agricultural field.

Despite these successive hazards, we are proud of the final result and convinced by your construction process that defies all economic competition, but of course we must not be afraid to roll up our sleeves !!!!

thanks again

Good evening Daniel,
I'm coming back to share with you the end of our adventure the pool on earth.
The terrace is finished and we are enjoying our pool in this hot year.
The water is at 30 degrees and thanks to the change of my filter and a good adjustment of my water at the beginning of the season on the advice of the swimming pool specialist, the water is translucent.
Thank you again for your concept and your kindness in answering the questions of budding self-builders.